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Galapagos! Eco-Adventure and FELDENKRAIS® Retreat
with Shari Lee

January 24-31, 2015

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giant tortoiseSettle into the comfort of an intimate lush 12 acre private retreat where native Giant Tortoises roam freely amid walking paths that are yours to stroll. This once in a lifetime trip is land based to allow for maximum exploration of multiple islands, coupled with a daily FELDENKRAIS session featuring the evolution of human motion, to refresh your system, strengthen your sense of self and connect you to the action patterns and rhythms you'll observe in the natural world around you.

Snorkel, hike, kayak and cruise by boat during day trips to stunning neighboring islands, beaches, unusual volcanic features and exceptional wildlife viewing. Visit must-see & do Galapagos sites including: Bartolomé Island, North Seymour Island and Santa Fe Island, a Highland tour, Tortuga Bay, Garrapatero Beach and the world famous Charles Darwin Station.

Explore remarkable island ecosystems as you inch past lounging sea lions, scout for breaching whales, explore distant volcanic highlands, watch prehistoric marine iguanas as they sun themselves on black lava rocks along shore, observe brightly colored Frigate Birds, or spot pink flamingos in hidden lagoons. Flightless cormorants and tiny penguins dart through the waters while graceful red-billed tropicbirds screech across the sky. Enjoy the possibility of observing the courtship behaviors of Blue Footed Boobies! Snorkel with curious sea lions, rays, sea turtles, sharks and tropical fish.

These rough & rocky islands are home to wonderfully unique & abundant wildlife. Marvel at the highly adapted creatures found nowhere else on earth while in the company of a knowledgeable Galapagos certified naturalist guide. The absence of human predators allows us unforgettable opportunities for up-close observation. This one of a kind UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a perfect blend of Feldenkrais, recreation & the wild, natural world.

Each guest room has its own unique features. Look out over the forest canopy, the tortoise pond, garden, plantation or enjoy an expansive ocean view. All rooms have private bathrooms, air conditioning, and amenities. Singles, triples and quads can be arranged.


Recharge your body & spirit!

Discover the Galapagos Islands from your base in a beautiful, well appointed lodge surrounded by a 12 acre private reserve laced with walking paths in the company of giant land tortoises. You'll share the beach & trails with some of the most intriguing and docile wildlife on the planet as you venture by boat to many different islands, snorkel with sea lions, sea turtles and rays, kayak in a beautiful calm bay, hike the highlands of an island volcano, watch colorful displays of unique birds and enjoy spectacular landscapes!

Prepare for these activities and relate more fully to the wildlife you'll see by enjoying a sea lionFELDENKRAIS® series of movement sessions to help you Fully Evolve into Freedom of Movement! Discover how revisiting, refreshing and renewing developmental patterns can improve your capabilities and physiologic functions in daily life. Gently yet powerfully improve your balance, flexibility, agility, posture, resilience, comfort, ease & enjoyment as your skills and your spirits are lifted! Blue-fotted booby

Benefit from a renewed sense of "coming home" within your body through the profoundly integrative qualities of FELDENKRAIS® classes and an individual FELDENKRAIS® session to deeply restore and center yourself, strengthen your sense of well being, enhance your vitality, reduce pain and sleep peacefully after a day well spent!

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